Recap: Apple Special Event — September 12, 2017

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Grant Stives

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Quickest and most comprehensive wrap-up of what Apple did today -- from the expert.

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Recap: Apple Special Event — September 12, 2017

Apple holds September 12th special event at the new Steve Jobs Auditorium in Apple's second campus.
Screenshot captured by Grant Stives.

Apple holds September 12th special event at the new Steve Jobs Auditorium in Apple's second campus. Screenshot captured by Grant Stives.

Apple Inc, 2017

Apple holds September 12th special event at the new Steve Jobs Auditorium in Apple's second campus. Screenshot captured by Grant Stives.

Apple Inc, 2017

Apple Inc, 2017

Apple holds September 12th special event at the new Steve Jobs Auditorium in Apple's second campus. Screenshot captured by Grant Stives.

That’s a wrap for Apple’s Special Event! Apple has unveiled a new set of iPhone’s, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. So are you suddenly outdated? Well, possibly… let’s take a look at everything announced today.

This may be a little lengthy, so if you want, scroll through what intrigues you the most.


This is certainly the most anticipated portion of the event, so were all those rumors about the new iPhone’s exterminating the “S” line true? Well, according to configuration files found in the Golden Master version of iOS 11 (which is the FINAL pre-release beta before it goes live to the public), we should be looking at an iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus. And that is exactly what was received. So what is new about these devices? Is it worth upgrading?

iPhone X (One more thing…):

Picture taken by on site journalists from The Verge

Apple unveils the new iPhone X. Picture taken by The Verge journalists onsite in Cupertino, C.A

This device is Apple’s 10th iPhone, and that is a HUGE deal for the company. Which is why this device is the only one to come with new noticeably different physical and internal changes. Hence, the reason they use the famous Steve Jobs line: “One More Thing…) This is the future of the iPhone.

  • iPhone X starts at $999 for 64GB (Pre-Orders begin on October 27th)
Internal Changes:
  • New A11 Processor
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Portrait mode (detects depth for portrait photos)
  • Portrait Lighting mode (currently in beta)
External Changes:
  • “Super Retina Display” 5.8 inch display with polished stainless steel side design.
  • Uses OLED Edge to edge screen technology
    • OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode — essentially, all pixels are individually controlled, which allow colors to appear more vibrant, natural, and realistic. When a color is black, the pixel is completely powered off. For better visual understanding, visit your local Best Buy and look at the LG OLED or Sony OLED on display. It is truly stunning.
  • Glass on both front and back capable of wireless charging
  • No more home button, gesture based-controls.
  • Side power button is longer and acts as a home button equivalent. Essentially hold button to initiate Siri.
  • The same camera that detects facial features, will also be able to create “Animoji’s”, which allow the user to replicate their expression with an emoji.
  • Front-facing iSight Camera
    • 7MP Sensor
    • True depth camera allows depth-sensitive selfies.
  • Exterior Camera
    • 12MP Sensor,
    • Camera has Dual Optical Stabilization by default
    • Quad LED True Tone flash
    • Low light performance
  • Replaces TouchID and encompasses IR, Flood Illumination (Facial Recognition)  sensor, as well as depth detection. This is what forms Apple’s 3D Tracking. This is very similar to Intel’s RealSense Depth Camera technology.
  • Takes advantage of “Neural Engine” in order to store biometrics, and is stored in the Secure Enclave in the phone. FaceID can adapt to you as face change. Similar to TouchID, this information is NOT transmitted to Apple, it is stored in the A11 Processor.
  • Un-Spoofable, so FaceID requires a living body that is identical to user.
  • “With FaceID, the chances another random person can unlock device is 1:1,000,000.” – Phil Schiller, Apple.
  • Any application that uses TouchID to authenticate and unlock app will be backward compatible with FaceID.
TrueTone Display:
  • This display feature was introduced in the iPad Pro lineup. Essentially, iPhone will adapt to the ambient lighting in your environment so the colors will appear more realistic and consistent. This benefits the consumer (you) by offering crystal clear and incredibly detailed pictures for those Snapchat and Instagram posts. In addition, it will also limit the blue light during the night (NightShift) which is typically used to help improve sleep patterns.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

  • iPhone 8 will start at $699 for 64GB
  • iPhone 8 Plus will start at $799 for 64GB
Internal Changes:
  • New A11 Bionic Processor
  • Wireless Charging Enabled
  • New Retina HD Display
  • TrueTone Display (same as iPhone X)
  • Longer-lasting battery which gives 2 extra hours of life.
External Changes:
  • New all-glass design, aluminum sides
  • New Camera – Can record 4K at 60 fps, 1080p at 240 fps
    • Optimized for augmented reality, Snapchat is one application specifically designed for this feature with their facial filters.

Looks similar to the iPhone 7/7 Plus right? Well, that’s typically the style of these conferences. Apple has a very consistent and traditional refresh structure, which means that every two years there is a major refresh and the following year is hardware-based. Apple has been on the “s” line for about six years or so, which is meant to be a mid-term hardware refresh. That is because if each year there was a heavy iPhone update, customers most likely would not spend the price Apple asks for on the devices.

Apple Watch Series 3:


Apple Watch Series 3 was unveiled with LTE and enhanced health monitors. Picture featured from

  • Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE starts at $399 for 38mm
  • Apple Watch Standard will be starting at $329 for 38mm
Internal Changes:
  • LTE: That’s right, LTE does appear to be added to the Apple Watch (according to the final beta of iOS 11). Both an LTE enabled Apple Watch and standard Apple Watch will be under the Series 3 lineup.
  • Enhanced Heart Rate sensor, which alerts you if your heart rate is irregular in resting mode.
External Changes:
  • None! Enjoy the bands you already spent tons of money on!

Apple TV:

  • Apple TV now supports 4K


Apple’s new AirPower charging pad. Available next year — Picture taken by TechCrunch Journalists onsite in Cupertino, CA.

  • Apple’s new wireless charging solution which will be a single pad to physically support iPhone, Apple Watch, and other Qi compatible wireless devices.

Pre-Orders and Other Information:

Pre-orders start this Friday, September 15th at 12AM PST. So if you want to be one of the first to get dibs on a new iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, or Apple Watch Series 3, that is the time to do it.

Just as a little side note, just remember that I specifically bold PST for a reason, that means pre-orders will OPEN at 3AM EST. Be ready for an all nighter if you drink any caffeine. 

Not enough excitement for you? Don’t worry, Apple generally holds an event each fiscal quarter, meaning, there will be one in the fourth fiscal quarter (October, November, December) — this event is typically a Mac-centric event. In this case, we are looking forward to the iMac Pro and the HomePod.

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All content on this page is information interpreted during the live-viewing of the September 2017 keynote by Apple.