A Dog’s World at Colonial Kennels

An interview with Deb Durney, owner of Colonial Kennels.

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A Dog’s World at Colonial Kennels

Cecilyn Lehman, Staff Writer

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Deb Durney, owner of Colonial Kennels, has been in business for 21 years. She heads a staff of about 15 employees and boards hundreds of dogs at a time.

“What services do you offer to the public and your main goals for a safe and happy kennel?”

  • “Here at the kennels we offer a variety of services including cat and dog boarding, dog day care services and some training. My main goal for a happy kennel is to ensure the staff and the animals are taken care of and are safe from harm.”

“Could you please give a brief explanation of some measures you take to keep the staff and the dogs safe?”

  • “The kennel is surrounded by a 6 foot fence to keep the dogs from jumping the fence. We also have a system where we always properly close dogs to prevent dogs from escaping, and we look through doors before we enter to make sure no other dogs are out before we enter with a new dog. Safety is key to the well being of the dogs and is essential to the owners and myself. For the safety of the staff, all workers are required to be in teams of two or more, to make sure no employee is left alone with dogs.”

“That system seems durable and necessary, are you able to recall any incidences where the protocol failed?”

  • “While that doesn’t happen often there was one incident where a small shih tzu dug under our privacy fence and escaped. When the staff realized the dog’s absence there was a mass “dog-hunt” for the dog. A few hours went by with no success of finding her. A little while later the supermarket next to us called our receptionist to let her know that the dog had wandered through the automatic doors and was wondering the aisles in Weis. After finding the dog and bringing her back to safety we rebuilt the foundation of our fences.”

“That is a crazy story, you seem to have a lot to handle as the boss. What kinds of fun things do you and the staff do to make the job fun and enjoyable?”

  • “We have plenty of playgroups for the dogs where we can relax and enjoy being with them. We also record the dogs playing and their entertainment is ours too. Often enough we capture great moments of the dogs jumping over each other, catching toys in the air, and the dogs playing with one another.”

“The kennels seems to be a great job where there is a lot of safe and fun moments. What is your favorite part of the kennels and what else would you like to share for the interview?”

  • “My favorite part of the job is meeting the owners of the dogs and sharing our fun moments while their pets have stayed with us. The owners are also so happy to see their dogs when they return from their vacation or trip. I also would like to say that while we have fun here and it is fun to play with the dogs, I ask you to keep in mind that there is a lot of work to be done with cleaning and regular kennel maintenance. We also would like you to know that we love your pets like our own and take good care of them from the moment you leave, to the moment you come back.”