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Emma Chow

A Trip To NYBG

A Living Landmark

September 27, 2017

On September 26th, a group of Penn State students took a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn, New York. We were able to roam around on our own and see Dale Chihuly’s exhibit, which was scattered throughout the entire 250 acre garden. It is his first major garden exhibition in New York in more than ten years, and it showcases more than twenty glass works. His large artworks are composed of many shapes, vibrant colors, and light.

We also visited The Conservatory, which is a Victorian-style glasshouse and it is home to a wide variety of tropical rain forest plants, desert plants, aquatic and carnivorous plants, and many more. In the courtyard, they have the Aquatic Exhibition. They have yellow, pink, purple, and blue lilies and lotuses that float on the surface with grasses and reeds. Within this pool of water, they have the Victoria Amazonica, which is the world’s largest water lily with leaves that can reach seven feet.

We also paid a visit to the Herb Garden which contains an assortment of fragrance and different textured plants. When we walked through this exhibition, we were able to smell so many different and strong aromas, even some spices. There are so many types of edible flowers that can be seen here. Hops is a key ingredient in beer and wandering nasturtiums can be an addition to salads.

Lastly, we took a Garden Tram to The Rose Garden. This exhibition was designed by Beatrix Farrand in 1916 and was completed in 1988. The Rose Garden has received many international awards and is considered to be one of the world’s best. There are more than 650 types of roses, and they had the most wonderful aromas.

With the limited time that we had, we were only able to visit five exhibitions but there are many more. Since it’s fall, they recommend a visit to the Arboretum Collections, Azalea Garden, The Cherries, The Crabapples, Ladies Border, The Wetland Trail, and many more.