Dodgeball Competition FTK

Day 1 and 2 of Dodgeball competitions.

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Dodgeball Competition FTK

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Day 1:


Penn State Lehigh Valley THON officially began the 2017 THON fundraising season with a dodgeball game. Dodgeball games are a common event that usually occurred during gym class all throughout middle school and high school. The enthusiasm of hitting people with colorful foam or rubber balls flying every which way is something most of us have either felt or heard of. The first day of the dodgeball tournament took place on the basketball court. Teams from all around the school, came together to compete for the win. The energy of the players and their colorful shirts brought out crowds who were just as excited about the games. In total seven teams competed and there can only be one winner. The games were planned across a two-day period and each game lasts for seven minutes. These are the 2017 Dodgeball teams:


After everyone arrived the competition began, with two games being played at the same time. These matches lasted for seven minutes and the winners of each game are determined by the number of team members that remain on the court after the seven minutes.


Day 1 games were energetic and it was not only the players that were enjoying themselves but also the crowd. You could feel the joy and enthusiasm during the competition.

Day 2:


The Naturals vs Poppin Padres



Googley Fooglies vs Not in the Face



Not in the Face vs Poppin Padres (3rd)



Finals: The Naturals(1st) vs Not in the Face(2nd)