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Jobs & Tattoos

"Tattoos are Unprofessional" is becoming outdated.

October 26, 2017

In our lifetime, we’ve all been told that getting a tattoo will decrease the chances of finding an occupation. However now in the United States and the majority of Europe, the unprofessional stereotype of tattoos and piercings have minimized. Nowadays, most employers define one’s professionalism by values; how they treat people, their work ethic, and their character.

A lot of companies believe that if an employee has an uncovered tattoo, it will decrease the sales they would make. However, Fox News presented a survey that found that 96% of Americans claim that tattoos would not stop them from doing business with someone because what really matters is fair pricing and the quality of customer service.

In the United States, tattoos are considered to be a way for someone to express themselves and in 2015, 520,600 companies changed their dress codes. This allowed employees to have visible tattoos in the workplace and this not only allows employees to express themselves but it also makes hiring new employees more flexible for the manager. Within the past couple of decades, tattoos and piercings and become increasing acceptable!

Even though they are more accepted, there are still employers out there that view tattoos and piercings as unprofessional. However, we can keep in mind that younger and more tattoo tolerant individuals are going to start becoming supervisors. Therefore, this stereotype against tattoos and piercings will most likely drastically decline.