I Am Who I Choose to Be


Saschelle Simms, Marketing Specialist

I never thought of myself as a person who didn’t understand the true value within myself. I say this because I was always brought up to never think down upon who I was, but to think highly of myself so that others can respect and value me as a person. However, in today’s society, as a woman, we have been belittled so much that we lost the knowledge to know our self-worth. As for me, I know exactly who I am because I choose to be who I am.

The way I perceive myself may be different than how others perceive me because I only present what I want to show to others. It is so much that I deal with on a daily basis, but no one will ever know that because I place this face of a strong woman in which I am, but I do have moments where I am weak. Due to my illness, I can be depressed at times, but when I am around others I will tend to smile and pretend to be happy, but in reality, I am not at least 50 percent of the time.

I’ve learned to deal with the cards that I have been with about a year ago. Honestly, I didn’t think I would even live to see this year, but with the help of my doctors and being strong-minded, I have come this far. A year ago, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor, brain aneurysm, and multiple connective tissue disease. I was diagnosed 3 days into the Fall semester of my Junior year of college back in 2018. Crazy right?

Within the past year, I have learned my strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities in areas where I can try to improve. I believe that the way I see myself will always be different than how others see me. However, some people may shape their self-concept around how others look at them. As for me, I don’t allow a person to define who I am. I had to learn to see my sickness as some type of blessing in some type of way because it encouraged me to push harder in everything that I do.

One thing that I know for sure is that “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers.” Overall, regardless of what happens, I know this is one battle that I will win.