Won’t You?

Georgia Gonzalez

Won’t you?


What’s the worst that could happen? 

You fall for her? 


Our lives are meant to be lived.


We are meant to take risks.

Meant to fall in love.


Meant to fall out of it. 


In your past you have loved. 

You have been loved. 

And you have been broken.




You have a past, but so does she. 


In her past she has loved.

She has been loved. 

And she has been broken.




Both your pasts are very different, yet very very similar.


She smiles at the sound of your name.

Smiles at the sight of your presence. 

Smiles at the way you touch her skin. 


To her you are worth it. 

Worth the love. 

Worth the time.

Worth the risk. 


Despite her past…she is willing to lower her guard, break down those walls, and give you a chance. 


Won’t you?