Sherouk Mohamed Biology

Sherouk Mohamed

This photo is of the School of Medicine building at St. Luke’s Hospital in Bethlehem, where I started volunteering. It represents my future career as a pharmacist. I took this photo because the medical field is the only place I can see myself working. This photo is giving me hope for tomorrow and telling me to always work hard to get what I want and never give up.

I started volunteering at St.Luke’s pharmacy to gain experience and learn what my future job will look like. I’m glad volunteering gives me an opportunity to help the community while also helping myself experience new things. This photo also represents my life as a Penn State student because my goal is to go to medical school after earning my bachelor’s degree in Biology. That’s what I’m looking forward to most.

Medical school is the only place I can see myself. I’m putting a lot of effort into my math classes at Penn State Lehigh Valley. In Egypt I didn’t learn a lot about math, just science. Everything was science there, but I need math to get into medical school. If school gets hard here, I know I have to try harder to make it happen. I used to know nothing in English, but I worked hard. I started at the bottom and received a lot of tutoring back in Egypt before moving to the United States when I was fourteen years old. My mom used to pay a lot of money to help me learn then. She’s a teacher, so she would have her friends help me too. I used to get home at 10 or 11 at night after a whole day of learning.

My mom always said she didn’t care if she paid more, she just wanted to see me become something. Now that I’m in math classes at Penn State Lehigh Valley, I make sure I write my questions down and get tutoring when I don’t understand something. I also go over everything when I go home. I’m proud to be a Penn State student because not a lot of people can get here. I also want to make my family proud of me. I’m not the first one to go to college, but I want my mom to be proud because she started at the bottom with me and made sure she did everything for me so I can do well. A Penn State degree will mean that I can do that.

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