NFL Mock Draft Guide


Kevin Black, Assistant News Director

In a world without sports, the NFL draft is the one event still holding the sporting world together. The draft is going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen from the NFL and we’re destined to have it play out in unique ways. The fact is, teams are going into this draft incredibly unprepared in comparison to every other year. Teams have not been able to hold visits with top prospects like Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love. Does this mean teams are going to be wary because of the unknown? This mock draft is going to be a bit different, I’m going to map out what every team should do given the unique circumstances of the situation, while still making a selection based on how I feel things are going to go without trades happening. With that being said let’s start with my Cincinnati Bengals.

1. Cincinnati Bengals

Option A: Take Joe Burrow

This is the obvious answer when discussing the draft this year. Burrow is coming off the best year that we have ever seen from a collegiate quarterback. In addition, he’s also a local kid which will hopefully re-energize the franchise the same way LeBron James did for the Cavs in Cleveland. It’s tough to think of a more slam dunk pick for any franchise than this one, but it still comes with some concerns. As much as I’m excited to have Burrow be a future Bengal, hopefully for the next 15 years, he still has some weakness to his game. He is virtually a one year wonder at the QB position, as he lost the competition to Dwayne Haskins at Ohio State and had to transfer to LSU. Then he proceeded to have a mediocre 2018 season. In 2019 he took the world by storm, but is that just a product of having elite talent around him? Time will tell.

Option B: Trade the Pick for a King’s Haul

This is a polarizing option for Bengals fans, and one that I’m actively rooting to occur, but it’s not the popular choice. Many experts will go on their soapbox and claim that if you have an opportunity to get a franchise QB, you jump on that opportunity. As you can guess, I’m not of that same mindset. If the Dolphins come to the Bengals with the 5th, 18th, 26th, and a 2nd round pick, how can you turn that down as a team? You are able to make the roster exponentially better right away by addressing every hole in your team. In addition to your draft picks, you can then go out and get a former MVP in Cam Newton to come in and lead for a few years. If he ends up not working out, then you’re at the top of the draft again and you can talk about taking your QB of the future then. I’m very much of the mindset that you need to build your team up before you throw a QB into a bad situation, and this scenario would make the Bengals an instant playoff threat.

Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

2: Washington Redskins

Option A: Draft Chase Young

This is a slam dunk right? You can add the BEST player in the entire draft, maybe even in the last few drafts, at the second selection. If I was the Redskins I would “run” up to the virtual podium on Thursday and make a selection that will net you a consistent All-Pro defensive lineman. Young had incredible production throughout his college career and was able to learn under some great players. His pedigree is unmatched in the draft and you’re getting a player that wants to win. The only concern when it comes to Young is if he will fit into your team scheme in Washington. Washington’s areas of concern’s don’t consist of the defensive line, so is this pick going to exponentially better you team? If I was Washington I wouldn’t care if it’s a strength already, I’m drafting the best player.

Option B: Trade with Miami/LA Chargers

In every other year, this pick most likely gets traded for a king’s ransom for Tua Tagovailoa. Unfortunately for the Redskins, this is not a normal draft as teams have not had a chance to truly analyze the injuries surrounding the Alabama Quarterback. Regardless of that, I think there is still going to be a market for him to be selected very early in this draft. The difference between trading with Cincinnati and trading with Washington is that Miami will not give up all of their first round picks for a non-guaranteed player. Teams are scared of Tua and his injuries to the point where he may even slip below Justin Herbert. I think Washington should make this trade and move back if they’re able to net multiple first round picks and a day 2 pick however. A potential trade I could see would be Miami trading away the 5th and the 18th pick plus the Houston 2nd rounder they have, for this pick and a 6th. That would leave Washington at 6 to select their future left tackle to replace Trent Williams.

Pick: Chase Young, DE, OSU

3. Detroit Lions

Option A: Select the Cornerstone of your Defense

The Detroit Lions are in a difficult situation. Matt Patricia is in a must win scenario this year, and they have a roster that truly isn’t that talented. Patricia was proclaimed to be a defensive mastermind, and was going to instill toughness back into the Lions organization. Instead, they have been left wanting more from him and the team. The team has an aging Matt Stafford at quarterback, and you could argue that they should select his replacement if it wasn’t for the win now mode they are currently in. That leads us to drafting a day one impact player.  Jeffrey Okudah from Ohio State is the favorite for this pick due to Darius Slay no longer being with the team. Derrick Brown from Auburn is also an option here, as Detroit is known for loving big time defensive tackles to lead their defense, and he has even drawn comparisons to Ndamukong Suh. The reason I would prefer them to side with Derrick Brown here is I believe he will add a more immediate impact on the team. You don’t trade away Darius Slay just to draft his replacement in a win now year, it’s counter intuitive for the organization.

Option B: Trade the Pick

I think you’re starting to see a trend with the first few picks here. Trades and potential trades are going to dominate the first six picks in this year’s draft due to teams wanting to get up and get their QB of the future. If Detroit can trade their pick to Miami or LAC, then they can pick up extra value and still select a player that will help them win now such as Derrick Brown or Okudah. I think it’s an incredibly easy decision if the teams come to Detroit, as both sides would benefit greatly from a deal getting done.

Pick: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

4: New York Giants

Option A: Draft an Impact Player

There are only two selections that the Giants can make at pick number four, and those are an Offensive Tackle to protect your franchise cornerstones in Daniel Jones and Saquan Barkley, or draft Isaiah Simmons and bring in an elite talent to your linebacker unit. I tend to side with the offensive line point of view for this pick, but both sides have incredible merit given the situation. The Giants need to get better up front otherwise Barkley will leave in free agency when he gets a chance, or even worse he gets injured to the point where he’s no longer a relevant running back in the league. Their line is atrocious and needs to get fixed in this draft, likely by using multiple picks to address this need, hopefully leaving it much improved next year. That being said, this is the biggest opportunity to get a future all-pro left tackle to pair with your two other offensive cornerstones. My personal favorite is Jedrick Wills Jr, but I personally see Gettleman going with a left tackle that is proven, such as Tristan Wirfs.

The other side of the coin is that Isaiah Simmons is another generational player. His character is off the charts and his skills match that. It’s not often you have this productive of a player on the board at four, and I think that credits how deep and talented this draft class is. I think the Giants would instantly provide a spark into their defense and we could see them start to turn back into a defensive juggernaut that they’ve been in years past. With that being said, is that what’s most important for them right now? They used their last two first round picks on offensive players, and they need to protect that unit otherwise those picks are wasted regardless how good your defense is.

Option B: Trade with Miami/LAC

I actually don’t see this trade happening. I think it’s far more likely that the Chargers or the Dolphins trade up to 2 or 3 than 4, purely because of the dynamics. Gettleman knows that he isn’t on as long of a leash as he would like to be, and he knows he needs to show desperate improvement this year, and if he falls in love with a player, he won’t want to move down. That being said, he should want to move down. You’re likely to still get the player you want if you trade back, but it’s not a guarantee. If the Chargers were to jump up to four and select Tua or Herbert, we could see a situation where Miami isn’t in love with the other QB who is left and decides to address the QB situation later with Jordan Love or another 2nd round QB.  We’ll get into that more later, but it’s a conversation the Gettleman and his colleagues will have when making decisions about trading the pick.

Pick: Tristan Wirfs, OL, Iowa

5: Miami Dolphins

Option A: Draft your Future Franchise Quarterback

Miami is going to be on the phones the entirety of the first hour of the draft, maybe more than any team in NFL history. Miami has made it quite known they are keen to draft their future at the quarterback position. If this was a normal year, I’d be all in on Tua, in fact, prior to injury I wanted him for the Bengals more than Joe Burrow. This year is not a normal year, so can you really invest your entire future on an injury prone QB who you don’t have the chance to really evaluate medically? On the flip side, the other option is Justin Herbert. He is your prototypical QB, he is tall with a strong arm, but he’s incredibly polarizing. He’s coming off a strong Rose Bowl and Senior Bowl, but he’s looked uninspiring throughout his collegiate career. I personally don’t love Herbert as a top 5 pick, I think he has too many concerns to warrant a selection this high in the draft. Miami also is known to have interest in Joe Burrow, is it worth it for them to mortgage their entire future for a QB? I think Miami is going to have to trade up to draft the QB they want, but there has to be conversations about whether or not the team is ready for a franchise QB.

Option B: Draft a Future Cornerstone of your Team

Let’s see up a scenario, the Chargers decide to trade up to pick 3 with the Lions and end up selecting the QB you were hoping to get. That may be Tua, that may be Herbert, but either way, you aren’t in love with the other one. Teams often make the mistake of drafting the next QB just because you feel the need to take a chance on one. I feel that Miami would benefit much more from selecting the cornerstones of their team, to set them up for a QB in the future, whether that’s Jameis Winston or Cam Newton through free agency, or whether that’s Trevor Lawrence next year. Selecting a player such as Isaiah Simmons or one of the top lineman in this draft will set them up for a much deeper and complete team when they figure out their quarterback situation.

Pick: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

6: Los Angeles Chargers

Option A: Draft Phillip Rivers’s Replacement

For the first time in a long time the Chargers are without a franchise quarterback. Although you have a serviceable starter in Tyrod Taylor as the first name in your depth chart, it’s likely he isn’t going to be there at the beginning of the year. I’m of the opinion that it is actually more important for the Chargers to make sure they get a quarterback than the Dolphins. The Chargers are playing in a town that truly doesn’t care that they are there, and they need something to excite the small fan base, and hopefully attract more. That may include packaging picks to go up and pick their QB, or it may even include bringing in former MVP Cam Newton to town to compete with Taylor for the job. Regardless, it’s crucial they come out of the offseason with their answer to not only the quarterback position, but also the fan situation. I personally think it’s likely we’ll see Justin Herbert stay on the west coast and take his talents to California and be the hopeful future of the team.

Option B: Acquire More Talent

Let’s be honest, the Chargers are not on the verge of being a super bowl contender with one good draft.They play in the same division as the current best team in football, and play with two other teams who are more complete as a team. The Chargers should take the opportunity to trade down and acquire more picks to make their team better if they are not in love with the quarterbacks that are left when they pick. Trading down may not be the glamorous selection, but it’s going to make your football team better at the end of the day.

Pick: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

7: Carolina Panthers

Option A: Select your Defensive Future

This is going to be the first team where we only have one option, and it’s warranted. Carolina has made improvements on offense this offseason, something they never did when Newton was the QB. Signing Robby Anderson is one of the most underrated moves of the offseason, as it gives Carolina a very solid wide receiver that Bridgewater can use to settle back into a starting role in the NFL. In addition, they’ve locked down arguably the most versatile player in the NFL in McCaffrey. Now that the offense is looking respectable, let’s move onto the defense. Carolina has a history of being a defensive powerhouse, but due to retirements, they’ve started to suffer. The sudden retirement of Luke Kuechly has left a gigantic hole in their defense, not only due to his play, but also due to his leadership. There are three players that could be on the board when they pick here, and one of these three will end up being the pick 95% of the time.

Isaiah Simmons, who we’ve talked about before, slides right into the role that Kuechly left. He’s going to be your leader, star linebacker, and defensive face of your franchise. He’s a local guy, so you’re going to draw a lot of fan interest due to this. Derrick Brown, who is off the board in this mock draft, is another stud that would instantly boost up your defense. He’s a dominant force on the line that would make every player on your defense better instantly. The last player, Jeffrey Okudah, is the most polarizing player for the Panthers. They have a history of having great cornerbacks, but is that the role they want to go this early when they have so many holes on their team? Okudah is the best corner in the draft, but would it be safer to select one of the other two here and take a flier on someone like Diggs in the early second if he’s still available?

Pick: Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson

8: Arizona Cardinals

Option A: Draft Offensive Line

There is only one option here, you need to improve your offensive line. There isn’t a team that has had a better offseason than the Cardinals. Bringing in Hopkins to pair with an emerging Christian Kirk, and a legendary player in Larry Fitzgerald is going to energize the offense around Kyler Murray. Whereas there is only one position in which you are picking here, there are many options about how to go about it. Teams in the 10-15 range are drastically looking to trade up and make sure they get their star wideout of the future, so there is warrant to trading back and gambling on still being able to draft a tackle at that pick. At this point in the draft, it’s likely there are still most of the top tier lineman on the board, so it may be a risk worth taking, to make your team better. I don’t see them trading this pick however, so I think they end up staying pat here and selecting who they feel is the best player. I personally feel Mehki Becton has the highest ceiling of any lineman in this draft, but I don’t think he’s a good fit for the Cardinals. He’s too big to fit into this offense, and may have issues adjusting to the high pace offense of Kingsbury. Jedrick Wills is also a good option here, as a right tackle is more of a need than left for the Cardinals. I’ve started to see Wills fall down some draft boards however, so I could see his slide continuing past the Cardinals here at 8.  I feel that a player such as Andrew Thomas out of Georgia can slide in day one and be an impact starter for this team and lead them to a potential playoff berth in a tough division.

Pick: Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia

9: Jacksonville Jaguars

Option A: Draft the Future of your Defense

We are officially back to having multiple options! Jacksonville is an intriguing team to study- they went from being a Superbowl contender, to being a dumpster fire in the matter of a year. As with every dumpster fire, every player wants to leave. That leaves the Jaguars in a situation where they have tons of needs, and could realistically draft any position. This draft played out perfectly for them in my opinion, as the best cornerback in the draft is still available, and they would be able to fill a roster hole. Another option would be Javon Kinlaw from South Carolina. He is a star in the making at the defensive tackle position, and could be the future of your defense. There are other options that may present itself dependent on how the draft plays out, but I think these are the two likely picks if Jacksonville decides to go on the defensive side of the ball. With that being said however..

Option B: Draft the Future of your Offense

Name a better combo, Jacksonville and drafting offensive players that don’t work out. The draft hasn’t been great to the Jags with offensive players, from Justin Blackmon, to Blake Bortles. This mock didn’t work out that one of the top 3 QBs fell, but the Jags will have a conversation about drafting either Tua or Herbert if one of them is somehow on the board at 9. In addition, I feel that it is incredibly likely that they have conversations about drafting a wide receiver here. Jerry Jeudy, Ceedee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs are all elite level talents at the wideout position, and may be too appealing for the Jags to pass up in this situation. Don’t be surprised if Jacksonville starts the draft with an offensive skill position and looks to address their defense with later picks.

Pick: Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State

10: Cleveland Browns

Option A: Protect Baker Mayfield

Cleveland is the easiest team in the 2-10 range when predicting what their game plan is. The Browns are going to go into this draft and select their highest rated tackle to fill a role that has been vacant since the Joe Thomas retirement. Mehki Becton is the player that I think fits this team the best, but there is warrant to them drafting a proven player in Tristan Wirfs or Andrew Thomas if they fall, or even selecting Jedrick Wills if they want to take a gamble if he can play on the left side. Whatever their pick is come Thursday, it’s going to be a focus on providing as much help to Mayfield as they can, otherwise they may be in a market for a QB in next year’s draft.

Pick: Mehki Becton, OL, Louisville

11: New York Jets

Option A: Draft to support Darnold

If you talk to the Jets brass, they love Sam Darnold and think he’s the future of this team for many years to come. That is still up for debate, but what isn’t is that they have a ton of issues on offense. They have put together an atrocious supporting cast to pair with Darnold and Le’Veon Bell. They have multiple fringe starting wide receivers, and an offensive line that leaves much to be desired. I don’t think the Jets can go wrong with drafting an offense player here in the draft, it just comes down to who they feel will help the team more. At pick 11, they’re looking at the top tier of offensive line talent beginning to run out, and the receiving options are virtually untouched. I’m of the mindset that this is potentially one of the deepest wide receiver drafts in history, so it isn’t as crucial as other drafts. With that being said, how can you pass up the top guy in a draft like Jerry Jeudy or CeeDee Lamb? Even Henry Ruggs has some pick potential here, as he will open up the offense greatly, but can be argued is too comparable to Breshad Perriman who they signed in the offseason. With the offensive line, the draft isn’t nearly as deep. Once we get past the first few guys, there are a lot of question marks regarding if the players are going to pan out. Jedrick Wills Jr is still available here, and he’s the last guy that is in that top group of guys. Would it be worth passing up on a strong player here, and then picking a question mark like Ezra Cleveland in the top of the second? It’s the Jets, so we may be in for a surprise.

Option B: Draft Kinlaw

Name a more iconic combo, the Jets and drafting a defensive lineman in the first round of an NFL draft. The Jets are known for drafting the defensive line as a priority, and if Kinlaw is still available here, then this may be the best option for talent in the draft. The argument between Kinlaw and Derrick Brown has heated up over the past few weeks, to the point where people are actually mocking Kinlaw over Brown. I personally feel that Brown is a more complete player and is a plug and play star from day one, but the argument is valid about Kinlaw’s potential. The Jets could plug Kinlaw in and he could be a future All-Pro on that D-Line, which will help the offense as they will have a better defense to support them.

Pick: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

12: Las Vegas Raiders

Option A: Draft Offense

The Oakland…I mean Las Vegas Raiders are in an interesting situation as a team. They are coming off a year where they performed a lot stronger than people gave them credit for, but they also still have many issues to fix within the team’s structure. Let’s start with the offensive side of the ball – many are not in love with Derek Carr, and with Jordan Love still on the board here, there may be people in their draft room clamoring to get the polarizing QB out of Utah State. Their running back situation is pretty much set in stone with Jacobs, but don’t be surprised if they draft a scat-back like player sometime in the day 2 range to compliment his strengths. Wide receiver is where their team truly is struggling though, as Hunter Renfrow may be the best option going forward. Tyrell Williams is not the long term answer for the team, and their new addition Nelson Agholor is suspect at best. It’s never a good sign to be known more for a meme about you, than your positive play on the field, just ask Kelvin Benjamin.

This leads me to believe that the Raiders are going to focus in on this skill group, and they have options aplenty. Henry Ruggs is such a Raiders pick. The Raiders always value speed and Henry Ruggs is a dynamic forth in the passing game. He will instantly go into the team and provide a spark to the offense. His downside is that he may not be an every down, every route player like CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy are. Both of the other options are more polished players in my opinion, and will give Derek Carr a better chance of succeeding this year. That being said, we’re talking about the raiders, so it’s a foregone conclusion they are going to value potential and speed heavily.

Option B: Draft Cornerback

The Raiders can’t cover anyone, let’s just tell it how it is. There is not a worse division to be in with these issues either. With Tyreek Hill in Kansas City and a blooming star in Courtland Sutton in Denver, the Raiders need to get better in this area now. Eli Apple was intended to be the stop gap in this position, but his deal fell through. I think there are only two real cornerbacks who can be picked in this position, CJ Henderson and Kristian Fulton. Henderson is everything you want in a cornerback, but still has to learn to tackle better. The same could be said about Fulton however as he has had strength issues through his college career. I think both players have huge potential to be future pro-bowlers in the NFL, but they both are not going to come in and play at the same level as Jeffrey Okudah day one. Don’t be surprised if the Raiders pass on a cornerback at this pick, and then look to address it later in the first round.

Pick: Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama

13: San Francisco (Via Indianapolis)

Option A: Give Jimmy G an Option

Ironically, San Fran and Las Vegas have very similar draft needs in this position. Both teams are in the market for a number one wide receiver, and both are in the market to get better in the secondary. That’s about the only thing that is similar about these two teams however, as San Fran will be a favorite to win it all next year behind a talented defense and an offense that has a ton of potential. To unlock that potential, the 49ers need to get a wide receiver here. I personally think Deebo Samuel has a ton of potential to be a great wide receiver for many years to come, but he can’t do it alone. George Kittle is, in my opinion, the best tight end in the NFL, and I cannot wait to see him this upcoming year when he has a real outside threat to take some of the coverage off of him. Drafting the best wide receiver here is the easiest decision in the entire draft, yes even easier than drafting Joe Burrow number one. In this mock, CeeDee Lamb is still available, but what if all three options are gone at this point?

Option B: Trade back and Select a Cornerback.

There have been rumors of the 49ers wanting to trade back at one of their picks, and I think this may be the best opportunity for them to do so.  Teams may be looking to trade up here to select their wide receiver of the future, and the 49ers could be demanding a kings haul to move up above them. I think if San Fran can work out a deal where they trade back to 21 with Philadelphia and let them come up and get a wide receiver, then you’re able to accrue a lot of picks and still get a talented player at 21 to pair with your excess of picks you’ll receive. I foresee this scenario being much more likely to happen if the top 3 wide receivers are off the board, as the fall off isn’t drastic, but for the 49ers, they may be better off just trading back and acquiring more picks.

Pick: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

14: Tampa (Tompa) Bay Buccaneers

Option A: Protect Tom Brady

This is another team that truly only has one option. If you want to put together a scenario where you make the playoffs and make a deep run, the only pathway is to make sure Tom Brady is on his feet, not his back. In this mock draft, the top four lineman are already off the board, but I don’t foresee this being the case on Thursday. I’m running a lineman to the virtual podium the second the clock starts, whether that’s Wills, Wirfs, Becton, Thomas, or even Josh Jones. The line just isn’t strong enough to protect Brady as of right now, so I could see multiple of their first picks addressing their line. I would love to see Jedrick Wills fall to Tampa Bay here, because he may be the best fit for this team in a win-now mode.

Pick: Josh Jones, OL, Houston

15: Denver Broncos

Option A: Help Courtland Sutton

Denver is in a very interesting situation, they have a lot of talent on their roster, a young, solid QB, and defensive pieces that are solid. That sounds like a playoff team right? Well unfortunately that didn’t pan out last year, but I think they could end up being a fringe contender this year in a tough division. To do that, they need to address the WR2 position to fill the void of Emmanuel Sanders. In this mock draft, all of the big time wide receivers are off the board, and the next group is muddy. Every single person has the next five or six wide receivers in a different order, some love Justin Jefferson, some love Jalen Raegor, Brandon Aiyuk has a lot of potential when it comes to his pure speed. Regardless, all of these players have potential to be a huge net positive for the organization when it comes to their potential to push towards a playoff berth. I personally am on the board of Justin Jefferson being the fourth best receiver, but I could see Denver selecting a local player such as Laviska Shenualt out of Colorado. I think the end pick will be Brandon Aiyuk out of ASU, but don’t be surprised if they pick any of the next best five wide receivers.

Option B: Replace Chris Harris Jr

Denver traded for A.J. Bouye to sure up the secondary in Vic Fangio’s defense, but that isn’t going to fix all of the issues they have. This draft has fallen out perfectly for Denver to select their CB1 for the future, but it’s not the pretty pick for the organization. Players such as CJ Henderson and Kristian Fulton would be welcome additions to this team, and would make them better instantly on day one. I’m partial to Denver picking a Cornerback here, purely because you can get a WR in a later round and still get the value.

Pick: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, ASU

16: Atlanta Falcons

Option A: Select your CB1

This is another pick that is pretty telegraphed, as there is a glaring need in the secondary for the Falcons. I think they could go in other ways such as a front seven player such as Kinlaw or K’Lavon Chaisson, who both would immediately improve their team. Cornerback just seems like too big of a need for this team to pass up at this draft spot. There are a few different options at this position, in CJ Henderson, Kristian Fulton, or A.J. Terrell. All three options instantly make the team better, but all have their downsides that we’ve talked about earlier.  A.J. Terrell is the only one we haven’t talked about. He was highly thought of going into the 2019 season, but his poor performance in the national championship game has led to his draft stock falling greatly. Regardless, he’s still a strong player, and will end up a first round pick, it just depends on who’s willing to overlook his poor performance on the biggest stage. I foresee Atlanta selecting CJ Henderson here, as he is the best cornerback available in my opinion.

Pick: CJ Henderson, CB, Florida

17: Dallas Cowboys

Option A: Bolster your Defense

Dallas is in a precarious spot as a team, they have tons of talent, but they’ve also had an exodus of players on their defense. The biggest loss is Byron Jones leaving the team and taking his talents to south beach. This leaves a giant hole on the team in the secondary, and they must address this in the draft otherwise you’re wasting another year of Elliot and Prescott. Secondary is also a glaring need for the team, as they need to get younger and more athletic at that position, and there hasn’t been a safety drafted as of yet. Xavier McKinney is the most accomplished safety on the board, but Grant Delpit is also a great player that would slot right into that defense. I think both of these positions should be on the top of the list for Dallas come pick 17 on Thursday, but in this mock draft, things played out a bit differently. I don’t foresee Javon Kinlaw still being available at 17, but if he is, I’m running his name to the Microsoft Teams meeting as quickly as I can. This guy is an insane talent that can be the face of your defense for years to come. He’s still growing as a pass rusher, but even at his current state, he’s still the best defensive tackle in this area. The potential signing of Aldon Smith in the offseason will help the pass rush, but drafting Kinlaw would bolster that pass rush to help out the secondary. This leaves them to address the secondary in Day 2 where there is still a lot of talent available.

Option B: Give Dak Another Option

I personally am not in love with this option, but I’ve heard growing rumors of this happening. Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot are two star players who are going to lead this offense in targets, but they are lacking that third option to put them over the edge. In a make or break year for Dak Prescott, they need to surround him with as many options as possible. With pick 17, there is likely to still be at least one of the top 6 wide receivers available. Dallas is in a fortunate position where they don’t need the WR to come in and instantly be a top threat, he can work his way into the offense and provide great help to a double-teamed Amari Cooper. I personally like Justin Jefferson for them in this position if they decide to go this route, as his play style will match up great with Cooper and Elliot.

Pick: Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

18: Miami (Via Pittsburgh)

Option A: Help your QB

I think there are a few different options available for Miami at this pick. In this mock we selected Tua with the 5th pick in the draft, so we have to consider how we’re going to help him. They have a need at basically every offensive position in the draft. Their running back situation is atrocious, and they lack a true star wide receiver to help the young QB. Devante Parker is a great player, but he’s not a main option for a NFL team. Their offensive line is also in need of a large amount of help, and needs to be addressed multiple times in the first two days of the draft. On Thursday I could foresee Josh Jones falling to Miami at 18, and I think this would be a slam dunk pick, but that’s going to rely on an early run on wide receiver which may not happen. If there is a run on offensive lineman, then looking towards the wide receiver position may be the best solution. Justin Jefferson and Jalen Raegor are still available at this spot, and both have potential to instantly elevate the Miami Dolphins offense, and provide a WR1 to pair with the future of your franchise in Tua.

Option B: Bolster your Defense

Pick 18 is the draft pick they received for trading away star safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. How fitting would it be if you took this pick and ended up picking his replacement here. I think Miami can stay away from cornerback in this spot thanks to the signing of Byron Jones in free agency, but safety needs to be addressed. Xavier McKinney is the number one safety in the draft and would instantly fit into their defense and make it better. Grant Delpit also deserves a look here, as he’s another talented safety that would slide right into this time and start. Linebacker could also be a position they look towards if Patrick Queen or Kenneth Murray are here at this position as both could be your leader for the next ten years. The beautiful thing for Miami is that they are improving their team regardless of who they pick, and I’d air on the side of defense for this pick, and try and address the offense in your next two picks at 26 and 39.

Pick: Xavier McKinney, Safety, Alabama

19: Las Vegas Raiders (Via Chicago)

Option A: Address your Defense

It’s fitting that we’re going to talk about three straight picks that involved trading away a superstar defensive talent to acquire first round picks. This one stems from the Khalil Mack trade, and is the last pick that will stem from the decision to get rid of him. The Raiders, as mentioned in pick 12, needs to get better at defense this year. Kristian Fulton is still on the board in this mock draft, and I think that would be a slam dunk for the team in this position, but A.J Terrell should also warrant consideration at this pick. We know Mike Mayock and John Gruden love Clemson defenders, so it wouldn’t come as a shock if they chose to go with the Clemson defender here to pair with their first rounder out of Clemson last year, Clelin Ferrell. There are arguments to be made that they should wait until the second round to address the cornerback position and select one of the top linebackers of the draft. Both Queen and Murray are star potential players and could lead your defense for the next ten years, but do they fit the needs of your team as much as a cornerback does? Grant Delpit or Xavier McKinney could also warrant consideration at this pick if they are still on the board at this selection, as safety is a big need for the team.

Option B: Double Up on WR

Here’s an intriguing option, what if the Raiders just went all in on Derek Carr. Pairing a top 3 wide receiver with someone the likes of Justin Jefferson here could make your offense elite in a division that has shaky cornerback play. It’s going to be tough to beat Kansas City playing defense, but their one major area of issue is their cornerback play. Selecting a second wide receiver here would allow you to pair them with Hunter Renfrow and have a formidable skill position for years to come. This is a high variance option, with a lot of potential to end up backfiring, but it also could lead you into a position where you can address only defense with the remainder of the draft. I’m partial to this option for the sole reason that I still believe in Derek Carr. I think he can still be a top 15 QB in the NFL and with so many options around him, he may get back to the Derek Carr he was when he led the Raiders to the playoffs before he got injured.

Pick: Kristian Fulton, LSU, Cornerback

20: Jacksonville Jaguars (Via LAR)

Option A: Continue fixing your Defense

Here is the last of the trades involving a superstar player leaving for a first round draft pick. Replacing Jalen Ramsey is the most important part of this draft, but in this mock draft, Okudah ends up falling to them at 9, so we don’t have to worry about that. If that doesn’t happen, either Henderson, Fulton, or Terrell would end up being the pick here, depending on who fell, but that’s not how this mock draft went, so let’s talk about other areas of needs. I think you can justify picking any position on the defensive side of the ball and try to make this team better. Linebackers could be upgraded with Queen of Murray, but the position that I think they should address is the edge rush. You still have arguably a top 12 player in the draft in K’Lavon Chaisson still available at this position, which I feel could very well happen on Thursday. Chaisson would come into this team and give them a presence that they are missing due to all the trades they’ve made throughout the last few days.

Option B: Give Gardner Minshew Help

Let me be clear, I do not believe in Gardner Minshew. I think he is a serviceable backup in the NFL, but I believe by the middle of the season we’re going to see him be benched for whoever ends up being their backup QB. With that being said, it seems that Jacksonville does believe in him, so they should give him options to succeed. D.J. Chark is a good player, but he’s not enough on the offense. Leonard Fournette is likely to be traded at this point, so you could argue drafting D’Andre Swift or another player in the clump of running backs could be the answer. I feel that WR is the best option to address at this position, due to the pure talent that will be available at 20. Justin Jefferson is my pick 100% of the time here if he is still on the board and you want to go WR, but Shenault, Tee Higgens and Denzel Mims will all be available at this spot, and would instantly provide help for a struggling offense.

Pick: K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU, Edge

21: Philadelphia Eagles

Option A: Draft Someone Who Can Actually Catch the Ball

Listen, I get it, linebackers and corners are needs for this team and there are some great players available here, but it doesn’t matter. There is not a single position group in the NFL that is as bad as the Eagles WR corp. Living in the Philadelphia area during last season has been an experience in watching a team fall apart because of lack of options. They signed Alshon Jeffrey to a deal and he’s ended up being a bust for them. Nelson Agholor is off to drop balls in Las Vegas and DeSean Jackson can’t seem to stay healthy enough to contribute to this team. Greg Ward Jr showed promise last year, but not as a WR1 or WR2. This pick has to be the best wideout on their board to give their Franchise QB another option other than the tight ends on the roster. If I’m the Eagles I’m hoping the likes of Brandon Aiyuk, Justin Jefferson, or Tee Higgins falls to me here, as they all will come in and be the number one option instantly. In this mock Tee Higgins is available, so I’m making this pick and getting the city of Philadelphia excited for a wide receiver.

Pick: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson

22. Minnesota Vikings (via Buffalo Bills)

Before we get into the options, let’s talk about Buffalo. I LOVE this trade and I cannot emphasize that enough. This is a great move for the Bills as they lacked that true number one option, and Diggs provides that through this trade. Buffalo would have been forced to pick the best WR here, who would not live up to Diggs production for at least a few years. Buffalo is in a win now mode, as they are by far the best team in that division, and have potential to challenge Kansas City and Baltimore for the AFC if they can see improved play by Josh Allen at quarterback.

Option A: Draft Stefon Diggs’s Replacement

Stefon Diggs and the Vikings could not figure out a way to remain focused on the ultimate goal of winning a title, but it may benefit both greatly depending on what happens in the draft. Diggs will have an opportunity to go to the Bills and be a true number one wide receiver with no question marks. The Vikings now have a chance to go out and draft a WR2 who can understand that they aren’t the main option. This will help the team dynamics greatly, and provide more unity for their offense. The Vikings are going to have to select a wide receiver at either 22 or 25, so we’ll talk about wide receivers here and talk about the other need at that pick. There are a few big options that I think are relevant here. More than likely, the top five or six receivers are likely to be gone by this point, but there is still potential of players such as Jalen Reagor or Shenault Jr. Both of these receivers could come into this team and provide a great third option behind Dalvin Cook and Adam Thielen. Each of these options could be gone by pick 25 due to teams possibly trading up to jump them. Both New Orleans and New England are known for liking to trade back and acquire more picks, so it’s very likely a WR needy team jumps into one of those positions and takes the Vikings guy.

Pick: Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU

23: New England Patriots

Option A: Pick Best Player Available

For the first time this Century, the New England Patriots are weak. They showed signs of a struggling teams at times last year, and now with Tom Brady bolting to the Bucs, they are in a rebuild. I know there are people out there who think that it’s an overreaction and that this team is still good enough to make the playoffs, which may be true, but they are not at a position where they could challenge for a championship. Jarrett Stidham seems to have the trust of upper management in New England, but I don’t think he’s a long term answer for the team. With that being said, should New England look into Jordan Love at this spot? Jordan Love has drawn comparisons to Patrick Mahomes which is a huge compliment, but he’s a much rawer version. He’s going to need a few years to sit behind a QB and learn to play the position at a higher level, which I don’t feel New England can offer him. A situation could present itself where New England trades for Andy Dalton and then drafts Jordan Love and have him learn from a savvy veteran for a few years.

If this isn’t the direction they want to go, then let’s talk about other players that they could go at this position. On my draft board, the best players available are Yetur Gross-Matos, Kenneth Murray, and Patrick Queen. Gross-Matos would end up being a great selection for the New England style of play, as he’s a productive and consistent force on the defensive line that would fit with what Belichick likes to do on defense. They also have holes at linebacker however, and both linebackers would provide an upgrade at that position and could play there for the next ten years for the teams, or at least until Belichick gets tired of them and trades them to Arizona, Detroit, or Tampa.

Option B: Trade Down in the Draft

I think this is the most likely option for the Patriots, as it fits their situation. The Patriots need to get better, and the best way to do that is to draft as many players as possible. Teams at the top of the second round love trading into the first round to gain the 5th year option on the player, and many teams don’t want to gamble to see if he will still be there in the 30’s. Teams that I could see potentially making these trades are Indianapolis, Houston, or Cleveland. All three of those teams have holes that could be addressed at this spot, and would benefit greatly from getting a first round talent for their roster. I think it would be fitting if Belichick made another trade with Houston, and Bill O’Brien gets even more hate for being a questionable GM.

Pick: Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, PSU

24: New Orleans Saints

Option A: Pick Best Player Available

I can basically copy and paste the reasoning for both the Saints and the Patriots, the only difference is Drew Brees is still playing for this team for one more year. A QB has to be a consideration for this team, because Taysom Hill is not the long term answer at QB despite his and his former coaches’ viewpoints. I think it’s a given that the Saints will draft a QB early in this draft, whether that’s here at 24, or during day 2. I don’t love Jordan Love as a round one prospect, but the Saints would be a perfect situation for him to learn under a top 2 quarterback of all time.

If QB isn’t the selection, then just like the Patriots, they’re going to get the best player available, but for different reasons. The Saints have an insane roster from top to bottom. There are a few holes in the team, but as a whole, BPA is the best option here. Fittingly, it’s likely that an area of need will be available at this position. Drafting a linebacker is a priority in this draft, and there are two still available at this point who I would give first round grades. Kenneth Murray would be a slam dunk pick for any team at the bottom of the first round and I don’t think he gets here in real life. He’s a born leader and has the best character of any player in this draft. I think he’s going to a star in the league for many years to come, but he’s not my pick for the Saints. I think it makes perfect sense for the Saints to go with the local kid out of LSU here in Patrick Queen. Everything lines up perfectly to bring in the star linebacker from the national champions to bring into a Superbowl-hopeful team in New Orleans. He’s a talented player in his own right, and is going to bring a lot of excitement to the Saints fans.

Option B: Trade Back and Acquire Draft Capital

Just like with the Patriots, I feel like this option is likely to happen. If a situation arises where New Orleans isn’t in love with any of the prospects on the board at 24, then it would be their best course of action to go ahead and trade back into the top of the second. You’re still likely to gain a player that is going to help your roster, most likely in an area of need such as DT with Blacklock out of TCU. In addition, you could always use this pick to select a quarterback at a pick with less pressure and let him stay out of the spotlight for a year and learn. Teams that value cornerbacks are going to be vying for this pick heavily to get ahead of the Minnesota Vikings who need to select the cornerback of their future in this draft.

Pick: Patrick Queen, Linebacker, LSU

25: Minnesota Vikings

Option A: Select a CB1

At pick 22, we talked about how the Vikings are going to come out of this first round with two things, a WR2 and a CB1. It’s now time to figure out a situation where we can get our cornerback of the future. The three best available are A.J. Terrell, Trevon Diggs, and Jeff Gladney. We can instantly rule out them selecting Diggs due to the Vikings trading away his brother this offseason, so that leaves us with Gladney or Terrell. Gladney is an enigma because he is a smaller player but he doesn’t play that small. He’s a ferocious tackler and is willing to play physical which perfectly fits into a Mike Zimmer team. The issue is that he is potentially too small to play on the outside in the NFL. I think Terrell is the safer pick in this situation, as he is a long and fast cornerback that will be able to handle himself on the outside in a division that features Kerryon Johnson, Davante Adams, and Allen Robinson. He can match up with each of those and provide a CB1 option that you can trust. We talked about his concerns earlier with how he played in the National Championship game, but he also isn’t the most physical player when it comes to the run-game, which is a negative in a Mike Zimmer offense. Zimmer values defensive players that are versatile and tough, and Gladney is more of his style of player. That being said, Zimmer will end up selecting Terrell for his pure talent and upside.

Pick: A.J. Terrell, CB, Clemson

26: Miami Dolphins (via HOU)

Option A: Finish Revamping your Offense

Let’s lay out a scenario where the first two picks address the offense, one QB and one WR. Well let’s get our RB of the future. You will have your pick of the litter here at 26 of D’Andre Swift, Johnathan Taylor, or J.K. Dobbins. I’m personally partial to Johnathan Taylor as he’s had a consistent and strong career at Wisconsin, but the concern is how many touches he had at a college level. The other two are also strong players in their own rights, but I feel that drafting a player of Taylor’s caliber will take a lot of pressure off of Tua. If you didn’t pick a WR at 18, then I think a WR would be the obvious pick here at 26 with the likes of Shenault Jr and Denzel Mims still on the board. The wide receiver position drops off after these two players so it’s crucial to get one of these two players at this position if you decide to address other issues at 18. I personally value Shenault Jr over Mims, but both are valid options for a young, rebuilding team.

The other edge of the sword is that we could address the Offensive line here. Cesar Ruiz would be a great player to pair up with Tua and have a Center/QB combo for the next 15 years. This partnership is one of the most underrated pairings in terms of importance for a young QB. Having both of these players together to build would boost both of their potentials. I feel that Miami can address this issue in the top of the second round however, and they should look to draft multiple lineman in the next few rounds and see what sticks.

Option B: Give your defense another piece

In this draft, we have McKinney going at 18, but what happens if they decide to go offense like we talked about? Grant Delpit is likely to still be available at 26, and McKinney may even fall to this position, but it’s unlikely. One of the two tier 2 linebackers is likely to fall whether it’s Queen or Murray. In addition, you could draft a player such as Yetur Gross-Matos if New England opts to go in another direction. If I was Miami, and I wanted to go defense with this pick, I would go all in on making sure the middle of the field was protected, and for that reason I feel that Kenneth Murray is the best option available at this position. We’ve talked about this multiple times already in this draft guide, but Murray is the highest character player in this draft, and also adds a great talent to your linebacking core. Adding a leader such as Murray will allow the team to rally around him and get back to playing tough defense which is needed in the AFC East.

Pick: Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado

27: Seattle Seahawks

Option A: Best Player Available

If I’m Seattle, I’m comfortable where I’m at. In an ideal world, Clowney ends up re-signing with us, and we’re looking comfortable in that position. Even if he does re-sign those, they could still use some help up front. There are a few players that fit the need here for the team, and they happen to be some of the players that would be on the top of their draft board at the time. There is potential for Yatur Gross-Matos to drop to this position, and I think Seattle would run that pick up the virtual podium, but if he’s already gone, I think their focus turns to Ross Blacklock or A.J. Epenesa. Both of these players would slot in day one and improve their defensive front 7. Blacklock doesn’t apply a great deal of instant pass rushing help, but he does have glimpses of a great pass rusher, and he has an elite first step for a defensive tackle. Epenesa is a player that fits into Pete Carroll’s defense as he’s highly versatile. He is able to set the edge in the run game and is able to provide some pass rush qualities, but doesn’t always show up.  Seattle needs to focus on ensuring they fix their defense line and their offensive line throughout this draft, that way they don’t waste the years that Russell Wilson is a top 5 QB in the NFL. A player such as Cesar Ruiz or Ezra Cleveland could be a selection here as well if Clowney does sign before the draft, but it’s too big of a need if he does not sign to not go after defensive pass rush.

Pick: Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU

28: Baltimore Ravens

Option A: Improve your Passing Game

Marquise Brown was a good selection last year, he was able to open up the field and provide a great deep play threat, but you need someone to come in and provide a non-deep threat option. In this mock up, as well as how I feel the draft on Thursday will go, wide receivers were the most important position in the draft. There is potential that every single tier 1 and 2 wide receiver will be gone by the time Baltimore makes this pick. If that happens I think they should trade back and try to acquire more picks on day 2 and day 3. That being said, if there is a receiver the caliber of Denzel Mims available, they should rush up and pick him. Mims is not a polished product,  but what he excels in is catching the ball at high points which will fit perfectly into the offense. His weakness in being raw, and not a great route runner won’t be exposed as heavily in this offense as it relies on a lot of adjustments mid play. This isn’t a Bill Belichick offense where you are required to play every down perfectly, it relies heavily on improv. His skill set working with Lamar Jackson could lead to a championship in Baltimore and a unit that could change how modern defenses adjust. Mims is not a year one superstar, but with the right coaching he could end up being the best receiver to come out of this draft.

Pick: Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor

29: Tennessee Titans

Option A: Draft to Improve your Offense

I think this could be the place where we start to see the second run on offensive tackles. The Titans need to come out of this draft with a new tackle to replace Jack Conklin who went to the Cleveland Browns in the offseason. Players such as Ezra Cleveland and Austin Jackson will be names that are going to be spoken heavily at the bottom of the first round and the top of the second round because of the potential both players have. Landing in Tennessee would provide a great landing spot for both of them, because they would be able to block for a powerful running back, a perfect scenario for any lineman. I tend to side with Ezra Cleveland in this situation because of his athleticism. He does have concerns about his run blocking techniques, but his ability to learn from the staff in Tennessee should be more than enough to fix those issues in the long term.

Option B: Draft Logan Ryan’s Replacement

Logan Ryan is still a free agent so it’s unlikely he is returning to Tennessee at this point, so the team needs to address this issue to deal with T.Y. Hilton and Will Fuller. There are still going to be multiple great corner options at this spot in the draft, and I think they should jump on the opportunity to draft one of them. Trevon Diggs and Jeff Gladney are the two names that I look at for this position. We’ve already talked about how Gladley plays, and how he is undersized but physical but Trevon Diggs is the player that should be selected here. Diggs is an elite level talent and fits perfectly with a Vrabel team. He is athletic and is a playmaker down the field. He can match up with any wide receiver in the league and give them fits due to his size and speed. The main knock on Diggs is that he can be a little too aggressive at times, but this fits perfectly with how the Titans like to play football. Diggs is a slam dunk pick and he has potential to line up next to Adoree Jackson for the next decade.

Pick: Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

30: Green Bay Packers

Option A: Improve your Team Now

The Packers need to improve in a few areas, most of which will be present at this position in the draft. In this mock draft most of the wide receivers have been drafted, but I foresee one of them dropping to the Packers at 30, or they will trade up to select one. A player like Shenault or Reagor would fit great next to Adams and provide a secondary option in the passing game for Rodgers. They could also use an offensive tackle in this spot, and Ezra Cleveland or Austin Jackson is likely to still be available for the team. The direction I feel that they should go is cornerback. Green Bay can address the other issues later in the draft, but there isn’t as much depth at the cornerback position. If Jeff Gladney is still available at this position, they should be ecstatic. Gladney can fit perfectly into the way the division is situated. He can match up one on one with Adam Thielen, Kerryon Johnson, and Allen Robinson III. He will be a bit undersized to play on the outside against these players, but his toughness can carry him through, especially for the value that you get him for at pick 30.

Option B: Plan for your Future

Aaron Rodgers is getting older, I know it’s bizzare to think about, but Rodgers is older now than Favre was when the Packers drafted Rodgers. This draft is playing out perfectly for the Packers to stay put and select Jordan Love with the 30th pick and let him sit behind Rodgers for the next three years. This is a perfect scenario for Love to slide into, because there is no pressure for Love to play anytime soon. He can learn from one of the best and slide into the role and let Green Bay go from one great QB to another. I don’t foresee this pick coming to terms on Thursday for the draft, but I think this will be a conversation that Matt LeFluer and the Packers organization will have.

Pick: Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU

31: San Francisco 49ers

Option A: Trade This Pick

I’m of the opinion that the 49ers are definitely trading back in the draft with one of their two first round picks, and I’m inclined to believe it’s going to be this one. Teams value the 31st and 32nd picks heavily due to the 5th year option on the player, and I think it’s likely they can get a good value in draft picks to trade back into the beginning or middle of the second round. The 49ers are incredibly deep at most positions, so a trade back would allow them to continue to grow their depth and provide options for the future in the areas of need. That leads us into what they’ll do if they can’t trade this pick.

Option B: Pick Best CB Available

We talked about this when we made the selection for this team at 13, but let’s refresh your memories. Richard Sherman is getting old, and there isn’t much depth at this position on the team. Tyreek Hill exposed this defense in the Super Bowl and if you want a chance for revenge, then you must get better here. It is incredibly likely that one of Trevon Diggs, Jeff Gladney, Jaylon Johnson or Noah Igbingohene. In the situation where Diggs and Gladney are gone, the 49ers should look no further than Igbingohene. He’s relatively raw to this position as he’s only been playing it for two years, but he comes from a track background which is going to pair up great with the influx of fast receivers led by Tyreek Hill. In addition, his physicality is a strength for him, which fits perfectly in a defense led by Richard Sherman. His downsides involving being new to the position, but who better to learn about how to play cornerback from than Richard Sherman?

Pick: Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn

32: Kansas City Chiefs

Option A: Trade for Draft Capital

We finally made it, pick 32. The Superbowl champs are in a similar position to the 49ers as they don’t need to pick in this position. They would benefit from trading back and acquiring more talent. For reference, report back to option A for the 49ers and apply it to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Option B: Draft Best Player Available

Even though the Chiefs do have needs, most notably in the secondary, they are in a position where I feel they can just pick the best player available if they have to make a selection. That narrows it down to three players in my opinion, Cesar Ruiz, Zack Baun, and A.J. Epenesa. A.J. Epenesa would be my selection at this pick if I was selecting for the Chiefs, as he fills a huge need for the team and is also one of the best players available on the draft board. He would provide an instant rotational impact for the team, and can provide support in the run game. He can set the edge well, and can even slide inside for pass rushing situations. Pair him with the existing pieces in the pass rush and they can prosper and remain on top of the NFL.

Pick: A.J. Epenesa, Edge, Iowa

Wrap up:

Overall, this draft is going to have a high variance in comparison to previous drafts due to the lack of knowledge on players. I think we will see players we don’t expect to fall, go later than expected, and more NFL ready prospects get picked earlier than maybe they should. A run on wide receivers is incredibly likely due to the quality of the class. Below are a few players who may be still available on my draft board, but will either be picked in the first round come Thursday, or be at the very top of the list come Friday.

Best Players Still Available:

  1. Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
  2. Zack Baun, LB, Wisconsin
  3. Grant Delpit, S, LSU
  4. Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
  5. Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin
  6. Cesar Ruiz, C, Michigan
  7. Austin Jackson, OT, USC
  8. Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah
  9. Neville Gallimore, DL, Oklahoma
  10. Ashtyn Davis, S, California