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Gabryel Bento



This picture represents the friends I have made while participating in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Penn State Lehigh Valley. Being part of EOP has helped me become friends with almost everyone in the program and has helped me create a strong bond between my friends that I feel can’t be broken. Bonds like this give you an adventure and people depend on. Whenever I have trouble, I can ask my friends for help and advice. These relationships can help you get involved and not just be an outsider in new experience like college. They help you get comfortable with meeting new people and not being shy; and they push you out of your comfort zone. I’m majoring in Electrical Engineering and I’ll be finishing my degree at Main Campus. Putting myself outside of my comfort zone now will help me know how to get involved at a new campus. I’ll know how to join clubs and organizations to build new friendships there.  

My life as a Penn State student is memorable and enjoyable because I have my friends who are basically like family. I can do anything with them and it’s fun. I probably wouldn’t have gone to things like the Penn State football game at Main Campus if it wasn’t for them going too. I’m not a person who goes to places like that my myself. It helps having people I know around me so I get comfortable meeting new people who are there too.  

In this picture, we had fun hanging out with each other at a restaurant, Kome, a restaurant across the street from campus. 

I chose to take this picture because I wanted a picture of our group hanging out together, and I wanted a picture of us all together this moment to keep it as a remind of the memories we are making together. We have a group chat were we message every minute, every hour. We meet up whenever we are on campus and see each other pretty much every day. The EOP meetings keep us connected and give us a common space to come together in too.  

This photo not only will provides the opportunity to learn about my experience as a student in the Education Opportunity Program by showing shows that being a part of the Educational Opportunity Program has really helped me create friendships, but it also gave me an opportunity to start being involved at Penn State Lehigh Valley. I’m a member of E-Sports, GSO, STEM Club, and I help out with EOP projects too. These friendships helped motivate me to step out of my comfort zone to join these clubs where I didn’t know many people. I’m more outgoing now and I feel more confident knowing I have my friends. By putting yourself out there and getting involved you can be a different person than you were in high school if you want to be. Once you get to know the people around you, you’re not as shy as you were before, and that’s a way I’m growing here. 



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