Jasmine Morocho Corporate Communications


Jasmine Morocho

Being part of the first generation of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at Penn State Lehigh Valley has been such a privilege. Coming to Penn State Lehigh Valley was a completely new environment for me, and I was scared like any other freshman is during their first year at college. One day I received an email detailing what I would gain by joining EOP. It felt like a lifeline to ensure success in college. I was offered much more than just a scholarship. I was offered support from faculty, my mentor, and even other EOP students. I learned the program would help guide me through everything before coming to school and help me make friends. I would be a step ahead before starting in the fall and would be more comfortable. I still felt “first day of school nervous,” but it helped relieve some of the stress I had. The program has guided me through my college experience at Penn State Lehigh Valley and I now feel I have all the resources and support, not only from my family, but also from my university needed to succeed as I finish my degree.

I’m a Corporate Communication major, which is one of the four-year degree options at this campus. I wanted to do business, but I’m not the best at math. Corporate Communication still involves aspects of business and will allow me broad options in a career. I feel I can take my degree anywhere. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but my long-term goal is to become a successful business owner and utilize what I learned in school to help me build a career for myself. Right now I’m using all the campus resources I can get as student, like LaunchBox which helps develop entrepreneurs.

The Educational Opportunity Program also taught me to expand my horizons. I even used EOP as a framework to form my own club, H.O.L.A. (Hispanic organization & Latinx Association). I thought there already was a Hispanic students organization, but there wasn’t. There are a lot of Hispanic students at PSU LV and this campus is getting more and more diverse. I wanted there to be a space for everyone. I wanted to make sure there is a club that represents each unique ethnicity on this campus, especially during our campus-wide culture chats. Latinx students aren’t necessarily underrepresented, but I wanted to help us be better understood by holding events that educate the campus and give people a chance to learn more.

The opportunities EOP has provided me have been immensely helpful, even before I started my first semester at Penn State Lehigh Valley. During the Summer Bridge program, I was introduced to many people who I learned would guide and support me through my college experience at the Summer Bridge program We were introduced to courses we would take and given encouragement and resources right from the professors who teach them. The ice breakers I did with my EOP peers helped me form relationships with them too, and we’re still close today.

Having a Penn State degree will open more doors because a lot of people know about The University, not just in Pennsylvania, but on a national and global scale. We have the largest alumni network and my college is its own brand that people know for lots of different reasons. Attending college is important to me because my parents and grandparents didn’t get to go to college. They value a college education, especially one from America and especially from a school like Penn State. Having a college degree will give me more credibility. It doesn’t mean I’m and expert or the smartest person in the room, but it will help open more doors.

This post is in conjunction with the Educational Opportunity Webpage at https://lehighvalley.psu.edu/EOP