Nittany News Update: RBG, Adaptive Learning, Solar in Pa, & the 84th Lehigh Valley Amateur

Kalista Mitrisin, News Director

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an inspiration to many. She served on the Supreme Court Justice for 27 years and made a true impact among equal rights. In campus news, two professors at Penn State Lehigh Valley have found a way to get students involved beyond Zoom sessions during the pandemic. Their course offers a blend of art and science, and takes place outdoors. The solar development market is making its way into the PA market. Evan Fahs, former PSULV student and current SolAmerica Energy associate explains how solar has adapted during Covid-19, and what we can expect from the progression of solar development in PA. Green Pond Country Club’s Lehigh Valley Amateur has finished their qualifying match. The best score was Nathan Fry who shot 71. Stay tuned for the results of the championship!