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“Technically Human”

John Pring, Staff Writer

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What are we?

What are we but only that which has evolved?

From the first stone headed spear to a flat screened TV

We can’t deny; technology has been here as long as we

As we change over time, technology does also, just in different form

We consider ourselves completely separate from it,

But are we really?

What do you call virtual reality?

We are creating something that supposedly represents us, though we are not physically there

However when it comes to technology, without a second thought, we surrender our own lives

Spend our time with it far more than our husbands or wives

Grow physically fatigued when staying up with our new mate even when it is too far past late

We become slaves, awaiting its every beckoned call

Our cell phones are prime example, a device that seduces all like a serpent, showing our flaw

Unless in the barren country land, you won’t see a single human without it

We only do what seems fit, thinking we do these things to better our economy,

But as time progresses the only ones left would be those in poverty as technology takes control:

That’s right, nowadays Artificial Intelligence is top of the class, obeying our every command,

But how long do you think it will be before that time has past as we make new discoveries


Just wait long enough and we’ll see people we know and love, being replaced by our newer

Selves while our former sit on the vast, empty shelves

We need to be careful in the coming days!

While still, we are technically human and not tar;

How long will it be till we no longer are?

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“Technically Human”