My internship at Weyerbacher

Samantha Ghali, Staff Writer

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When it comes time in our academic careers to start looking for internships, it can be pretty overwhelming. Where to look? What type? And finally, what to choose!

I currently have an internship at Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton. I’m part of the social media team and I love it! I help post updates to its Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also monitor the analytics of these social media accounts to see what gets us a bigger following, what isn’t doing so well, and what we could do better. I have set up a Snapchat account that we use for events and I created a geofilter which has been very successful. What I like most about my internship at Weyerbacher is the fact that I am applying a lot of information that I learned in my corporate communication classes to real life situations. When we learned about target market and how to pinpoint specific audiences in class, I was pleased to know that companies actually do this! It was beneficial for me to know this information and to bring it to the table at Weyerbacher.

Another aspect I really enjoy about Weyerbacher is that I get to enhance my photography skills. I spend a lot of time taking photos of merchandise and events. I also record and edit videos for their Facebook page. Being able to do these things helps me grow not only as a photographer and editor, but as a college grad entering a competitive workforce, because I now have a new skill set to offer employers.

Finding an internship was not the easiest task, it took me over a year to find one. I needed it to be a paid internship because I would be sacrificing hours at my full-time job. I’m glad I did not settle for just any internship that came my way and took the time to look into corporate cultures at the different companies. Overall, I could not be happier with my internship opportunity at Weyerbacher.