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The Scar of War

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It is said that battle changes a person. I didn’t believe that until I met one veteran. I was

helping at the old veterans’ shelter. Whatever was needed, I was the one they could rely on, even

if there was a flooded room. That’s when I met him, Gerald.

Gerald is absent minded. His war injury had damaged his temporal lobe. While he was

looking for his keys, he forgot that he left the water running in the bathtub. As the water got

higher, he panicked and who could blame him. The poor man had water up to his knees. That’s

when I got the call from my boss to head to room 186.

Helping the veteran escape his flooded room, I took him to someplace warm while he

sipped on some coffee. Once there, Gerald and I had a nice conversation about our lives.

Suddenly he got chills, his fingers trembled, spilling his beverage on the floor. Scared to death,

he was screaming: “they’re after me!” I asked who and he said, “they flooded my camp! Help

me!” Barked order: “Now soldier!” PTSD took hold. He had not recovered from war.

Unfortunately, he was living in it still.

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The Scar of War