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2017-2018 Staff

Dan Omron

Staff Writer

Dan is a senior at Penn State Lehigh Valley studying Corporate Communication with a minor in Business. His passion for writing and intercultural studies began in 2012 at Lehigh...

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Mason Smith

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Mason Smith and I am a freshman at Penn State Lehigh Valley (Class of 2021) and am majoring in Corporate Communications. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer,...

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Aaron Wagner

Staff Writer

Hi, my is Aaron Wagner. I was born and raised in Easton, PA, and I'm a freshman, class of 2021. My intended major is Secondary Education (History). I would like to minor in sports...

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Nora Grindrod

Staff Writer

I am 18 years old and I have been living in Pennsylvania all my life. My family has always been involved with athletics and spending time outdoors. I played field hockey and lacrosse...

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Ann Reyes Kadozono

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Ann Reyes. I am a freshman and I plan to graduate in mechanical and energy engineering. I went to Parkland High School in Allentown, PA. I live with my parents,...

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Ashley Carrazco

staff writer

Ashley Carrazco is a freshmen with an intended major in biology. Her favorite season is summer and likes to go to the beach whenever there is a chance.

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Joey Reno

Staff Writer

Hi I'm Joey, a Freshman attending PSULV and finishing at Penn State Harrisburg, majoring in computer science.

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Juliet Mercado

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Juliet and I am a freshman at Penn State Lehigh Valley. I am from Allentown, PA and I am so lucky to have a huge family here. I have two brothers and two sisters and I...

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Cecilyn Lehman

Staff Writer

I am a graduate of Northampton Area High School and currently still live with my parents in Northampton. I played for the varsity softball team and was on the debate team and mock...

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Ana Alvarez

Student Writter

'Just because this world is not all friendly, it doesn't mean you can't be kind.'  -Ana C. Costa Alvarez My name is Ana Carolinne Costa Alvarez, I am 18-years-old and I'm ...

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Nate Markowicz

Staff Writer

Nathan is a Freshman majoring in civil engineering. He is a 2017 Parkland High School Graduate. He hopes to one day have his dream job designing sports complexes for amateur and...

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Matt Miller

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Matt Miller. I am a freshman (class of 2021). My major is computer science. I went to Clayton High School in Clayton, NJ. I really enjoy soccer, I played it my whole...

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Matthew Sehn

Staff Writer

Matt is currently a freshman majoring in civil engineering.

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Emma Chow

Staff Writer

Emma Chow is a freshman, currently undecided. However, she is interested in criminal justice and psychology. She always tries to keep herself busy by involving herself in many...

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Justin Gallagher

Staff Writer

I'm a PSULV Freshman with the intended major of Aerospace Engineering. I've dreamed of becoming a pilot my whole life, and the dream is slowly but surely becoming a reality. When...

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Chad Davis

Staff Writer

Chad Davis was born in New York and attended Nazareth Area High school.  A freshman studying psychology, he hopes to become a counseling psychologist.  Chad enjoys watching and...

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Charles Semet

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Charles (CJ) Semet. I am in the Penn State class of 2021. My intended major is nuclear engineering or chemical engineering. I earned the rank of Eagle Scout in...

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Brittany Chapman

Staff Writer

Brittany Chapman is a freshman majoring in Animal Science with a Science Option. She enjoys writing, reading, learning, spending time with her family, and hiking.  Once she finishes...

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Nadine Sabbagh

staff writer

Hello! My name is Nadine Sabbagh. I went to school at Whitehall high-school and I was very active during high-school. I am a very talkative and I like to get to know people. I...

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Rachel Kehm

Staff Writer

Rachel is a freshman majoring in Accounting. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music and hanging out with her friends. If she's not doing either of those things she is most...

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Matthew Young

Staff Writer

Matthew is currently a freshman who is majoring in finance. He is involved in the business society, the Blue and White society and is a new member of the Nittany News. When he...

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Evan Fahs

staff writer

Evan Fahs is a freshman majoring in Finance. He plans to work in New York City and hopefully one day manage his own fund. When he is not in class or in the library you can find...

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Grant Stives

Staff Writer

Grant is a freshman majoring in Security and Risk Analysis with focus on Information Assurance. His main goal is to create a security firm for consulting and contracting in his...

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Anthony Awgul

Staff Writer

My name is Anthony Awgul and I am a fishing guide, tournament bass fisherman, and the owner of a company called Menace Baits™. I was raised in Quakertown, PA by two very hard...

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Devon Strawdinger

Staff Writer

Devon is aspiring to become a Mechanical Engineer. He hopes that one day, he will be able to help better the world.

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