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Anthony Awgul
My name is Anthony Awgul and I am a fishing guide, tournament bass fisherman, and the owner of a company called Menace Baits™. I was raised in Quakertown, PA by two very hard working parents who taught me about work ethic and integrity. I have a true passion for competitive bass fishing and my dream is to become a full-time professional bass fisherman and operate a full time fishing lure company. To provide myself with essential real world business skills that I could benefit from in my competitive fishing ventures, I have started operating fishing lure businesses in 2013. While managing these companies, I learned essential skills regarding marketing, stewardship, leadership, legal information, graphic design, web design, how to properly represent a company, how to create and manage a promotional staff team, and other valuable business skills that will surely benefit me in this industry in the future. I am currently attending Penn State University in Lehigh Valley to achieve my baccalaureate degree in business administration to further expand upon my business and marketing knowledge and skills in order to present myself as a professional figure and a valuable asset to my sponsors and partners as I compete on the national circuit in the future.

Anthony Awgul, Staff Writer

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